The Orsus Group Celebrates The Holidays

The Orsus Group celebrated the holiday on Friday, December 9th starting at The Escape Room.  It was a close call but Team White made it out before the virus was released to the entire world!  However, Team Green and Team Red weren’t so lucky, but had a blast trying! Check out some photos from The Escape Room below (From left to right: Team White, Team Green, and Team Red).


The Orsus Group’s annual contest for 2016 was a Stocking Decorating Contest. Congratulations to our three winners! All of the decorated stockings were amazing and brought holiday cheer and spirit to The Orsus Group’s office (From left to right: 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place).

1st Place– Jackie Atkins
2nd Place– Sarah Strong
3rd Place– Michelle Howell