What Employees Desire More Than Money

You have heard the saying, “Money isn’t everything.”Employee Desires If money isn’t everything, then what is? Money can only motivate a person for so long until a need for “something else” arises.

To keep your employees motivated beyond their paycheck, we are providing you with our top three things that are more important to employees than generating a salary.


No one wants to be in a place where their work does not seem to matter. When employees know how much you value their work, they will only want to keep providing you with quality performance.

How often do you tell your employees about the excellent job they are doing? When is the last time you did something special for the employees that go above and beyond?

You can recognize your employees’ work by celebrating their successes. Treat them to lunch. Give them a special certificate. Compliment them as often as possible. Do not let good work go unnoticed.


Employees enjoy the opportunity to direct themselves with little supervision. Not every employee may be prepared for this, but this will help those who know exactly what you want.

Give your employees the space to do somethings for themselves. You should not have to tell people what to do or how to do it all the time. Assign your employees tasks that they can do on their own.

Mastering the Job

Employees love the feeling of accomplishment when they achieve a task. Allow your employees time to get better at their job. Provide them with the support and tools they will need to be successful.

To get paid for a job is one thing, but to master a job and get paid for it is an even greater thing.

Final Tip

According to a study by CareerBuilder, 32% of employers struggle to retain their top talented employees. If you want to keep good employees, you should make them feel important and valuable to your company.

Here at The Orsus Group, we know employees are one of the most important aspect of any company. We are certain these tips will improve your work environment for the better.