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Is Your Employment Application Illegal?

Ban the Box is a phrase, and a movement, that has been getting more and more attention recently. The intention is to allow individuals with a criminal record to have an equal opportunity to obtain a job based on their qualifications. By “banning the box”, employers must remove the question about conviction history job applications. […]

Meet Jaclyn Atkins and Courtney Peagler

At The Orsus Group, what sets us apart from other companies is our Client Services team and their commitment to provide exceptional customer service.  We want to take a minute and introduce you to two important and integral members of our team.   About Jaclyn Atkins Many of you have already met Jaclyn (Jackie) Atkins, […]

Charting the I-9 Process

Charting the I-9 Process: Ensuring Compliance the Right Way Presented by The Orsus Group HR Services Most employers today are aware of Form I-9, the employment eligibility document they are required to complete for every employee hired in their workplace. And most employers probably think I-9 compliance is a rather straightforward and simple thing. But […]

Top 10 Reasons to do Background Checks

Her resume looked perfect. Connie had graduated from a well-regarded university, had 15 years of experience in progressively more responsible Accounting and Finance positions, and aced the interview. Congratulations, Connie, you’re our new Director of Accounting! The only problem was that soon after the hiring, things around the office started turning up missing. Then a […]

Background Checks:
Doing them Wrong, Doing them Right

More companies than ever before are choosing to conduct background checks as part of their hiring process.  The background check has become a vital tool in helping employers secure competent employees and avoid liability for wrongful hires. But how do newcomers to the game determine how to perform a background check legally and effectively?  Should […]