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Dealing with Workplace Immigration Enforcement and Raids

When you hear the word “ice,” what usually comes to mind? Your obvious answer may be a frozen piece or chunk of water. In this case, the term “ICE” used with all capital letters stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is a group of government agents who focus on ensuring that businesses follow […]

How to Screen the Best Job Candidates

One of the hardest parts of the hiring process is learning how to properly screen job candidates, and then select the best person for the position. If this is something your hiring team is struggling with, check out these 7 tips of how you can screen the right way: Know What You Are Looking For […]

7 Tips to Increase Workplace Safety

When is the last time you evaluated the safeness of your workplace? In case you are wondering how you can improve and increase workplace safety, check out these seven vital tips: Train Your Staff One of the best ways you can prevent incidents in the workplace is by ensuring your employees are properly trained. Make […]

How to Avoid HR Burnout

Are you able to recognize the signs of employee burnout? If so, do you know how to help your HR department avoid and deal with it? As you check in with your employees, here are the common signs of HR burnout to look out for and how you can help your employees avoid it: Common […]

Avoiding the Most Common Onboarding Mistakes

As you place emphasis on hiring the right individuals for your company, it is also equally important to properly onboard your new hires. Think of onboarding as being similar to a school orientation. Before you start school, you are usually given a class schedule that has all of your classes and your teachers’ names. You […]

What Employees Desire More Than Money

You have heard the saying, “Money isn’t everything.” If money isn’t everything, then what is? Money can only motivate a person for so long until a need for “something else” arises. To keep your employees motivated beyond their paycheck, we are providing you with our top three things that are more important to employees than […]

The Future of Remote Work

Many companies are wondering if remote work, also known as telecommuting, will dominate by 2020. With the help of millennials, remote work has been pushed into the center of attention. Millennials are shaping the future of remote work because they are the ones seeking flexibility and jobs that will meet their work needs. Now, other […]

The Open Office Backlash

The trend of open office floor plans has been growing in the business world for quite some time. What is an open office? Quite simply, an open office floor plan entails removing the walls and partitions separating employees in the workplace to create a new workspace than is shared and accessible by everyone. The vision […]

What Matters to Millennials?

According to The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation they report millennials will be the largest cohort size in history with over 80 million of them. By 2025 it is expected that they will make up over 75% of the global workforce. Millennials will become the largest studied generation in history and continue to shape our […]

The Costs of Hiring the Wrong Employee

The dilemma of hiring the wrong employee Unfortunately, the effects of our time-poor society translate into the business world even more than our personal lives. Often times, employers and companies seeking top-level candidates can end up hiring the complete opposite of what they are looking for. Employers fall into the trap of hiring the wrong […]