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The Open Office Backlash

The trend of open office floor plans has been growing in the business world for quite some time. What is an open office? Quite simply, an open office floor plan entails removing the walls and partitions separating employees in the workplace to create a new workspace than is shared and accessible by everyone. The vision […]

What Matters to Millennials?

According to The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation they report millennials will be the largest cohort size in history with over 80 million of them. By 2025 it is expected that they will make up over 75% of the global workforce. Millennials will become the largest studied generation in history and continue to shape our […]

The Costs of Hiring the Wrong Employee

The dilemma of hiring the wrong employee Unfortunately, the effects of our time-poor society translate into the business world even more than our personal lives. Often times, employers and companies seeking top-level candidates can end up hiring the complete opposite of what they are looking for. Employers fall into the trap of hiring the wrong […]

5 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Enthusiastic. Passionate. Involved. Are these words you can use to describe your employees? If not, you may face the pandemic of “employee disengagement” spreading across the globe. Gallup released an article, “The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis” revealing some startling statistics concerning how “engaged” employees are at work. According to Gallup research in the U.S. only […]

The Orsus Group’s 2017 Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly popular for people to set for themselves. A new year presents goals and opportunities to strive for. According to Statistic Brain, here’s some interesting facts concerning New Year’s Resolutions and how popular they are:  41% of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions 17% of Americans infrequently make New Year’s Resolutions […]

The Orsus Group Celebrates The Holidays

The Orsus Group celebrated the holiday on Friday, December 9th starting at The Escape Room.  It was a close call but Team White made it out before the virus was released to the entire world!  However, Team Green and Team Red weren’t so lucky, but had a blast trying! Check out some photos from The Escape […]

The Orsus Group Gives Thanks

As the holidays draw upon us, The Orsus Group would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day full of joy and happiness with your families and friends. What makes Thanksgiving so special is how personal and unique the meaning is to each person. Everyone has something to be thankful for and today we want […]

Reducing Workplace Violence

We see violence in the news every day. We see it around the world, our country, our cities, and even our neighborhoods. But does violence actually occur in the workplace? Unfortunately, it is happening in the workplace far too often. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines workplace violence as, “Any act or threat of […]

The Dangers of Using Social Media in The Hiring Process

The English idiom “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” is a metaphorical phrase which cautions listeners not to assume or judge the worth of something by mere outward appearances alone. The same caution should be used when using social media in the hiring process. Social media is an integral part of most of our […]

Is Your Employment Application Illegal?

Ban the Box is a phrase, and a movement, that has been getting more and more attention recently. The intention is to allow individuals with a criminal record to have an equal opportunity to obtain a job based on their qualifications. By “banning the box”, employers must remove the question about conviction history job applications. […]